Dandelion - Heisgeir Film

Publication date

Dandelion has released a specially commissioned short film, telling the family story of one of its founding members and reimagining future ways of growing across Scotland.

More than 75 years ago, the grandparents of crofter and musician Pàdruig Morrison established an experiment in off-grid rural living on Heisgeir in the Outer Hebrides, growing their own food and living sustainably off the land. It was a joyful experiment that lasted for four years.

The short film charts Pàdruig’s return to the island in 2022. He plants vegetables in the traditional way but also takes the first of Dandelion’s specially created Cubes of Perpetual Light - beautiful miniature vertical farms used to explore high-tech growing.

The film launches the Cubes of Perpetual Light from Heisgeir to the mainland and unexpected locations across Scotland. It also features a new score specially composed by Pàdruig for Dandelion.