UNBOXED Ambassadors programme

We've recently launched our Ambassadors programme!

Date and time

September 2022

The programme centres the voices of young people aged 18-30 in conversations around issues that affect them, recognising that our understanding of these issues is richer when informed by the views and experiences of young people themselves.

The programme will also support emerging creative practitioners from the 10 commission teams to provide an in-depth programme of Career Professional Development (CPD), training, personal development, and networking opportunities.

The ambition of the programme is to give young emerging creatives the best chance of succeeding in their chosen career path by:

  • Developing experience to enhance their CVs
  • Developing knowledge and skills in their chosen field
  • Developing confidence
  • Developing networks, both with other emerging practitioners and with key figures in their sector

Whilst also supporting the wider creative industries and STEAM sector by developing the talent pipeline, encourage more young people to pursue careers in their sectors, increasing diversity within their sectors and promoting the importance of creativity.

Over the coming months you’ll be hearing from our Ambassadors as they share their experiences, thoughts and learnings from taking part in the programme.

Meet the UNBOXED Ambassadors

Imaan Samson 

worked on StoryTrails as the youngest creative practitioner, co-producing an augmented reality walking trail in Sheffield. Through the use of immersive technology, he aims to document the stories of Black, Indigenous, and people of colour. Previously, Imaan directed a team of young creatives who used marker-based augmented reality technology to deliver two experiences during the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Imaan continues to explore his interests of utilising combined arts to circumvent novel and engaging stories as a force of change across media.

Lucy Wheeler

joined as a Creative Practitioner on the StoryTrails project and worked as Lead Developer for Indigo Storm XR and Studio ANRK in the virtual reality experience 'The Museum of Imagined Futures'.  She is a creative technologist currently working in immersive technology design and development for arts and culture projects. Lucy is also an educator and creates workshops for game engine technology at London College of Fashion and community art projects. In the future, she would like to direct immersive technology experiences with interdisciplinary teams, emphasise transparency in creative technology labour and address our digital footprint's impact on the climate emergency.

Rha Hira Arayal

is part of GALWAD’s Young Company and has written one of the monologues for the TV drama script. An emerging writer who has just finished her A levels, she has already had her debut poetry collection, Encapsulated Emotions, published as well as a further two poetry manuscript contracts signed. She is starting English and Creative Writing at Swansea University in September.

King Ali

participated in Tour de Moon’s Moon. Moon Arkestra was composed of unique multidisciplinary creatives and musicians who toured England with Tour de Moon during May and June of 2022. Ali mostly hosted the intro and outro using his understanding of how to balance a crowd. In the future he wants to run a sports and wellbeing festival, bringing together young people from different backgrounds and promoting both physically and mentally healthier lifestyles.’

Lara Bianca Sarte

is Project Coordinator for Dandelion. Prior to her work at Dandelion, she was the Community Project Coordinator at East and Southeast Asian Scotland, the first and currently only organisation in Scotland that focuses on the needs of the East and South-East Asian community. In the next five years, she would like to be able to combine her shared passions of social policy, public engagement, and arts and culture. She is interested in the concept of making urban life more community-driven, equitable, and “liveable” through green space and cultural experience. Lara describes herself as a Southeast Asian woman, a migrant, a creative, and an activist.

Leah Gowing

is an architecture trainee with PoliNations. In the future she wants to bring together her architecture training with her passion for art, wellbeing and making positive change. She sits on the Youth Council for The Visionaries, an organisation which supports young people through regenerative education, nature connection and wellbeing. Leah is also training to become a yoga teacher.

Reiltin Hart

started as design trainee at PoliNations before being offered to stay on through a freelance contract. She is interested in pursuing creative opportunities in a number of areas, with an emphasis on festival and theatrical design, working towards becoming a Creative Lead.

Prithvi Sachithanandam

trained in Chemical Engineering but is currently changing career to marketing. He is most interested working in arts, heritage or FMCG (particularly in beauty or cosmetics), fashion and charity. Prithvi is passionate about diversity in the workplace and promoting equal access to opportunities.

Raphaella Philcox

is Trainee Design Assistant at PoliNations. Theatre design is her passion, and she is particularly interested in working with communities to better understand how to make theatre spaces accessible and welcoming for people from a range of backgrounds.

Samuel Perry

worked on Dreamachine as Lead Guardian. He is currently pursuing a career in acting, and has performed in roles across Theatre, Film, and Radio. He would like to broaden himself as a creative, with writing and directing. He would also like to work in connecting and facilitating artists, programming, and learning how to run an arts organisation.

Lauryn Thomas

worked on Dreamachine as a Project Guardian. She is interested in working in the development of immersive experiences that integrate the use of technology, such as augmented and virtual reality. She completed a Masters in the use of immersive technology in museums, galleries, heritage and now works at the Crafts Council as a Gallery Assistant.