Natural History Museum residency at SEE MONSTER

Date and time

26 - 29 September

Publication date
see monster weston supermare

SEE MONSTER x Our Broken Planet audio experience

Monday 26 – Friday 30 September
Free, no booking required

As our demand for the earth’s resources increases, forests are becoming farmland, plastic is filling our oceans and the climate is heating rapidly. Discover our audio experience on the Helideck to find out more about the consequences of human actions and learn of cutting-edge solutions from nature, from the scientists rushing to mend our broken planet. 

SEE MONSTER x Our Broken Planet interactive installation

Tuesday 27 – Thursday 29 September, 10am – 5pm
Tropicana Event Space
Free, no booking required

Would you rather – never buy new clothes, or eat insects for every meal? Join Natural History Museum scientists and educators in discussion, debate, and hands-on activities to explore your own relationship to the planetary emergency and how far you would go to solve it.

Panel discussion: Resourcing the Green Economy 

Tuesday 27 September, 6pm – 7.30pm
Tropicana Event Space
Free, booking required

Bringing together scientists, industry and local experts, this panel will focus on the long-term goal of creating a self-sustaining circular economy. How can we repurpose and reuse minerals and technology to power green energy, while reducing consumption and recycling waste. How far along are we in the journey to a zero-waste future and how can we ensure resourcing the shift, including further mineral mining, is done in the most environmentally responsible way. 

Meet the Scientists

Wednesday 28 September, 10am – 5pm
Tropicana Event Space
Free, no booking required

Meet the scientists! Living sustainably has never been more important, but new, green technologies are reliant on metals and minerals that are in short supply. Find out how scientists at the Natural History Museum are tackling the climate crisis by researching how to locate and extract different metals ethically and sustainably; how do we mine a sustainable future?

Two generations on a sustainable future 

From Wednesday 28 September
Online via SEE MONSTER website
Free, no booking required.

What can we learn from a conversation between a young climate activist and a scientist from the Natural History Museum? This recorded discussion will capture the differing perspectives of local environmentalist Archie Matthews, representing Weston-super-Mare's Climate Justice Revolution and Professor Richard Herrington, an NHM scientist working towards a low-carbon future. Find out what solutions they envision to create a more sustainable world.