Stemettes - About Us Now

STEMazing STEAM activities for 7-25 year olds

Date and time

19 October - 4 November

Publication date

Stemettes were part of the creative team behind About Us, which proved a big hit when it visited Paisley, Derry-Londonderry, Caernarfon, Luton and Hull earlier this year. Now they’re running About Us Now, a series of interactive STEAM events for children and young adults aged seven to 25.

Poster for About Us Now run by Stemettes and featuring Poetry Society

Participants will take part in a range of STEAM activities such as 3D modelling, illustration, HTML, and maths as well as poetry sessions from The Poetry Society, and an offering on animation and motion graphics. About Us Now will also offer career guidance resources, including mentoring opportunities, free certification academies, and downloadable STEAM resources.

Booking is free, and the events are happening in Paisley (19 October), Luton (24 October), Hull (26 October), Derry-Londonderry (1 November) and Bangor, Wales (4 November).