We are Trees

What’s our relationship to the trees that surround us?

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Identity and diversity Sustainability and our future Wellbeing and resilience


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60 minutes

This interdisciplinary learning resource, designed for pupils aged 14-18, uses a maple tree as a prompt to explore questions of nature, science, identity and humanity.

Using creative writing, literature and science, the lesson programme is centred on Maple, a poem by young writer Talulah Quinto, in which the writer uses a maple tree as a central image to explore identity and human characteristics. The resource contains plenty of discussion prompts for young people to engage with the text and create their own poems.

Lesson plan

Curriculum links

English: Writing & Reading Composition
Science: Interactions & Interdependencies (KS3), Ecosystems (KS4)
Key Stages: KS3, KS4, KS5

Northern Ireland:
Language & Literacy: Writing & Reading
Science & Technology: Organisms & Health
Key Stages: KS3, KS4, KS5

Languages: Literacy & English – Writing & Reading
Levels: Third/Fourth Level, Senior Phase

Languages, Literacy & Communication: Literature
Science & Technology: Being Curious, The World Around Us
Progression Steps: PS4, PS5, A levels