We Are the Sea

What might happen if a whale met a submarine?

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Identity and diversity Sustainability and our future


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60 minutes

Created for pupils aged 5–11, this learning resource brings together creative writing, literature and science to explore the relationship between humans and marine life.

Begin by talking about whales – what they are, how they live and how they communicate. Then through The New Guy, a poem by young writer Isaac Graf, you can encourage your pupils to consider the relationship between marine life and humans. The four-page PDF resource contains discussion and writing prompts for young people to engage with the text and create their own poem in response.

Lesson plan

Curriculum links

English: Writing & Reading Composition
Science: Working Scientifically, Living Things & Their Habitats (Y4–6)
Key Stages: KS1, KS2

Northern Ireland:
Language & Literacy: Writing & Reading
The World Around Us: Interdependence, Place
Key Stages: Foundation, KS1, KS2

Languages: Literacy & English – Writing & Reading
Sciences: Planet Earth
Levels: First Level, Second Level

Languages, Literacy & Communication: Literature
Science & Technology: Being Curious, The World Around Us
Progression Steps: PS2, PS3