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What is symbiosis?

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60 minutes

How do different plants in our ecosystem relate to one another? This interdisciplinary lesson programme for pupils aged 14–18 explores symbiosis by considering mycelium, a mass of branched filaments that are part of fungi.

After introducing the subject, read Brooke Nind’s poem Mycelium Under the Canopy, which reflects on how mushrooms contribute to the ecosystem and the symbiotic relationships they form with trees. The six-page PDF resource contains plenty of discussion and writing prompts for pupils to engage with the text and create their own poems in response.

Lesson plan

Curriculum links

English: Writing & Reading Composition
Science: Ecosystems, Photosynthesis & Cell Biology (KS4)
Key Stages: KS4, KS5

Northern Ireland:
Language & Literacy: Writing & Reading
Science & Technology: Organisms & Health
Key Stages: KS4, KS5

Languages: Literacy & English – Writing & Reading
Science: Planet Earth
Level: Senior Phase

Languages, Literacy & Communication: Literature
Science & Technology: Being Curious, The World Around Us
Progression Steps: PS5, A levels