We Are Language

Language connects us – but can it also divide us?

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Identity and diversity Wellbeing and resilience


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60 minutes

Words have meanings, but are they also open to interpretation? Why does the same word mean different things to different people? This interdisciplinary resource brings together creative writing, literature and science with a focus on Dan Simpson’s new poem Together We Are Distant, which explores the idea that we each experience the universe individually through our senses and minds.

Ask pupils aged 14–18 to consider the differences between written and spoken language, the gaps between words and what they represent, and other related topics. The five-page PDF lesson programme also contains discussion and writing prompts for pupils to engage with the text – and create their own poem in response.

Lesson plan

Curriculum links

English: Writing & Reading Composition
Key Stages: KS4, KS5

Northern Ireland:
Language & Literacy: Writing & Reading
Science & Technology: Earth & Universe
Key Stages: KS4, KS5

Languages: Literacy & English – Writing & Reading
Sciences: Topical Science
Level: Senior Phase

Languages, Literacy & Communication: Literature
Science & Technology: Being Curious
Progression Steps: PS5, A levels