We Are All Connected: Connected by Poetry

How can creativity help us to understand our world?

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Wellbeing and resilience Identity and diversity


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60 minutes

This 60-minute lesson plan for pupils aged 7–11 is centred on a poetry activity that helps pupils see beyond themselves and connect with different people and cultures around the globe.

Pupils will explore the similarities and differences between how other children make art around the world, as well as how art can be a force to connect people and bring them together. Inspired by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is the basis for UNICEF’s work, pupils will create a collaborative poem about how we are all connected.

Connected by Poetry is part of We Are All Connected, a set of five 60-minute learning resources exploring children’s values and rights. Developed for Dreamachine by A New Direction in partnership with UNICEF UK, the nine-page PDF lesson plan includes plenty of prompts for discussions, plus links and resources for further learning.

Lesson plan

Curriculum links

Citizenship, Personal, Social & Health Education
Key Stage: KS2

Northern Ireland:
Personal Development & Mutual Understanding
Key Stages: KS1, KS2

Health & Wellbeing, Social Studies
Levels: First Level, Second Level

Expressive Arts, Health & Well-being, Humanities
Progression Steps: PS2, PS3