A green alien-type creature with its pink entrails on the floor

Tour de Moon

May - June 2022

A cosmic journey into the possibilities of tomorrow: music, nightlife, digital experiences and more, made in collaboration with the Moon.

Performances, installations, experiments and experiences made by a galaxy of artists, musicians, writers, technologists and creative pioneers

A new way of thinking, dreaming and doing – created with hundreds of young creatives from across the UK

Let’s dream our futures together

Tour de Moon is a galaxy of extraordinary performances, installations, experiments and experiences, created by a constellation of artists, musicians, writers, scientists, digital dreamers and creative pioneers – and developed in collaboration with the Moon…

Tour de Moon brings together music, film, zines, talks, games, visual art and more all under one cosmic theme. This dizzying project celebrates the relationship between Earth and the Moon with countless exciting and deeply unique experiences – with a starry-eyed focus on nightlife, creativity and culture.

Tour de Moon is the brainchild of Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian and a team of cosmic collaborators – including hundreds of young creatives aged 18–25, invited via an open call to realise their own Moon-inspired ideas. The project has offered more than £1 million through 850 bursaries to these nightlife artists, performers, scientists, makers, writers and other young creatives to make new work for Tour de Moon’s eight strands, from Moon Cinema and Moon Music to the Moon Hotline and Moon Press.

The Tour de Moon travelled through England in spring 2022 – and you can catch up with much of the work it produced online via the Tour de Moon website. Blast off here!

Where and when

Tour de Moon Festivals took place in Leicester, Newcastle and Southampton in May and June 2022, with the Moon Convoy visiting Barrow-in-Furness, Blackburn, Bletchley, Crawley, Farnborough, Grimsby, Hackney, Huddersfield, Leicester, Newcastle, Plymouth, Southampton and Wolverhampton.