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Tour de Moon

May - June 2022

Tour de Moon is a cosmic journey into the possibilities of tomorrow: live shows, nightlife, digital experiences and more created in collaboration with the Moon.

Celebrate the relationship between the earth and the moon through talks, cinema, music and games

Dazzling performances, installations, experiments and experiences made by a galaxy of artists, musicians, writers, technologists and creative pioneers

When and where

The Festivals: 

13 - 16 May Across Leicester
27 - 30 May Across Newcastle
10 - 13 June Across Southampton

The Moon Convoys:

11 May, 6pm - 10.30pm Bletchley - Stanier Square
12 May, 6pm - 10.30pm Wolverhampton - Old Market Square
13 May, 3pm - 9pm Leicester - Humberstone Gate
14 May, 1.30pm (Parade) Leicester - Humberstone Gate
17 May, 6pm - 10.30pm Grimsby - St James' Square
18 May, 6pm - 10pm Huddersfield - St George's Square
19 May, 6pm - 10pm Blackburn - Cathedral Square
20 May, 6pm - 10.30pm Barrow in Furness - Duke Street, Town Square
28 May, 3pm - 9pm Newcastle - Nelson Street
29 May, 6.30pm (Parade) Newcastle - Nelson Street
8 June, 6pm - 9pm Plymouth - Central Park Events Space
10 June, 3pm - 9pm Southampton - South Bargate
10 June, 6.30pm (Parade) Southampton - South Bargate
14 June, 6pm - 10.30pm Farnborough - Queensmead Car Park
15 June, 6pm - 10.30pm Crawley - Queens Square
16 June, 2pm - 8pm Hackney - Pedro Youth Club


Ticketed events suitable for 18+

Admission is free

Let’s dream our futures together

Bringing together talks, cinema, music and games all under one cosmic theme – Tour de Moon celebrates the relationship between the earth and the moon with a number of thought-provoking, exciting and original experiences; with a special focus on nightlife, creativity and culture.

On its epic journey across the country, Tour de Moon is stopping in Leicester, Newcastle and Southampton throughout May and June where four days of interactive events are taking place in each city, appealing to everyone from amateur sports teams to music lovers.

Alongside the three main cities, Moon Convoy will visit Bletchley, Wolverhampton, Grimsby, Huddersfield, Blackburn, Barrow-in-Furness, Plymouth, Farnborough and Crawley, concluding at Hackney’s Pedro’s Youth Club – one of the oldest youth organisations in the UK.

There are eight distinct strands to Tour de Moon: from Moon Cinema to Moon Music, from the interactive Moon Hotline to the touring Moon Convoy. The programme has been created with the help of hundreds of 18- to 25-year-old creatives from across the UK, enlisted via a free open call.

Across England and online, take a cosmic adventure created in collaboration with our universal satellite – the Moon