StoryTrails at Sheffield DocFest

David Olusoga launches StoryTrails at Sheffield DocFest 2022 ahead of its UKwide tour


Download the 'StoryTrails at DocFest' press release (PDF)

On 26 June at Sheffield DocFest 2022, TV presenter, historian and Executive Producer of StoryTrails David Olusoga, took part in an event with Sheffield based creatives to mark the launch of StoryTrails, the UK’s largest immersive storytelling project. The project opens in Omagh on Friday 1 July, the first of 15 stops around the UK, from Dundee to Swansea and from Blackpool to Lincoln.

David said: “StoryTrails is something I really care about because it’s about reminding ourselves of those places that are not just special to us, but special to previous generations. The power of using new technologies to imprint stories from the past onto place, onto geographically specific points on the globe is hugely exciting. And, it’s happening right here in Sheffield and across the UK in 2022.”

Professor James Bennett, Director of StoryFutures and StoryTrails, said: “StoryTrails brings together augmented reality, virtual reality and immersive cinema to communities across the country revealing untold stories in places where we’ve never been before. 1000 stories, 15 locations, 4 types of immersive technologies put in the hands of 50 new creatives to bring those stories to life. StoryTrails is about getting people to experience local stories through new technology”.