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July - September 2022

StoryTrails is a deep dive into our collective history – a magical AR and VR immersion in the hidden histories that have shaped 15 UK towns and cities.

Immerse yourself in lost stories from our past, brought to life with 21st century technology all over the UK

A magical new way to explore the stories that shaped where we live and who we are

StoryTrails the UK's largest immersive storytelling project

Journeys through time and space

StoryTrails is a breathtaking deep dive into our collective histories. Through augmented reality experiences that remix the BBC and BFI’s amazing archives, you can experience history where it happened. You’ll see streets and squares come alive with the stories of yesterday, the voices of today – and, perhaps, the possibilities of tomorrow.  

Fifty emerging creatives from local communities in 15 towns and cities across the UK are being trained to use state-of-the-art immersive technologies to uncover untold and intriguing stories, brought to you in new and surprising ways: enter a virtual portal and discover a story trail, which will guide you on a unique tour of your town; or step into an immersive dome and go on a magic carpet ride to see a virtual map of your town like never before; or put on a virtual reality headset and explore new ways of feeling part of our shared histories.  

StoryTrails will give audiences a new sense of connection to their communities, starting at the very heart of it - your local library. The library will become a thriving hub for new ways of storytelling and and the incredible histories of the place where you live.   

It all culminates with a new film by filmmaker David Olusoga to be made available in cinemas and online, which will bring history to life and inspire a conversation about who we are now, and where we are heading.

When and where

Between July and September StoryTrails toured the UK stopping off at libraries across the UK. Locations included:



A great way to experience and enjoy our town’s history.

— Robert Buckland, Secretary of State for Wales

Using new technologies, this tour has highlighted how crucial libraries are to supporting storytelling.

— Karen Napier, The Reading Agency

Audiences accessing public libraries as a resource and community hub for information and technology in such a creative way is really heartening.

— Isabel Hunter, Libraries Connected