Science Museum Lates

Our Place in Space at London's Science Museum

Date and time

26 October

Publication date

Science Museum Lates are adults-only, after-hours theme nights that take place in the museum on the last Wednesday of every month. Our Place in Space will be part of their Science Fiction event on 26 October 2022, 18.30-22.00.

You can get hands on and investigate some sci-fi physics with interactive demos, make your own sci-fi theme music and identify supernovae in real time!

Our Place in Space

Get hands on with science fiction physics.

Mark Langtry aka Mark the Science Guy

Mark the Science Guy

Meet Mark Langtry and investigate science fiction physics with interactive demos - how can physics makes the seemingly impossible, possible?

Synthesiser and audio controls

SciFi Soundtrack

This hands on demo allows you to create your own sci-fi theme music with modular synths and a theremin.

Supernova Discovery Booth at Science Museum

Supernova Discovery Booth

Explore space and identify your own supernovae with the Queen’s University Belfast Astrophysics team. 

A monitor screen in front of a green screen

Green Screen Selfie Station

Become part of your favourite sci-fi movies with this interactive green screen.

The Science Fiction Lates event will also feature talks, a sci-fi costumes exhibition, live podcast recordings, a sci-fi themed pub quiz and a silent disco. For more information, visit the Science Museum website.

Science Museum Lates