Power of the Brain: How Do We Learn?

How can we teach our memory to learn new things?

Discover the amazing power of the brain to learn new things in this activity-rich lesson programme. Pupils aged 7–11 will explore different types of memory, and will discover how repetition allows their brains to strengthen connections in learning new skills and knowledge.

Begin with a memory game exploring the distinction between short- and long-term memory. Then a second activity will introduce your pupils to a new skill, and to the way that memory helps them to learn it.

Developed for Dreamachine by A New Direction with the British Science Association, this 10-page lesson plan is one of two ‘Power of the Brain’ resources for pupils aged 7–11. It includes prompts for questions and discussions, plus links and resources for further learning.

Lesson plan

Curriculum links

Science: Working Scientifically
Key Stage: KS2

Northern Ireland:
The World Around Us: Interdependence
Key Stages: KS1, KS2

Sciences: Experiences, Outcomes
Levels: First Level, Second Level

Science & Technology: Principles of Progression, What Matters
Progression Steps: PS2, PS3