Power of the Brain 2: Our Amazing Brains

How do our brains work?

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Identity and diversity


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60 minutes

What is unique about our brains? This hands-on lesson programme introduces pupils aged 7–11 to their ‘connectome’ – the network of neurons that make up their brain.

To begin, make your own class connectome by assembling your pupils in a circle and passing a ball of wool or string between them. You can then deepen their understanding through an art activity that illustrates the range of different patterns that can emerge from a simple set of rules.

Developed for Dreamachine by A New Direction with the British Science Association, this 12-page lesson plan is one of two ‘Power of the Brain’ resources for pupils aged 7–11. It includes prompts for questions and discussions, plus links to resources for further learning.

Lesson plan

Curriculum links

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Key Stage: KS2

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