A woman with flowers and leaves blooming out of her face


September 2022

A magical garden of epic proportions, planted in celebration of colour, beauty and natural diversity.

Towering trees and thousands of plants make up a supernatural wonderland in the heart of the city

Unearthing the origin stories of the plants we know so well – and celebrating natural and human diversity

PoliNations in Birmingham - audience reactions

A magical urban garden

PoliNations is a celebration of the UK’s diversity – a magical super-garden planted and grown in the heart of Birmingham.

PoliNations brought a huge oasis of plants and flowers to the city in summer 2022. Giant architectural trees soared into the sky – and as they did so, they collected rainwater to feed the 6,000 living plants below, which were grown by more than 1,000 people from 60 different community groups in the city. Created by Bristol-based creative organisation Trigger and a host of collaborators, this extraordinary immersion in colour and nature was amplified by garden tours led by experts from the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, free workshops in the WonderSphere, and the spectacular Sunset Shift sound and light show.

PoliNations continues to flourish via the PoliNations app, a virtual super garden that captures our perceptions of ourselves and reimagines them as flowers in augmented reality. Plant your seed and watch your flower grow in a way that is unique to you. You can even mix your flowers with others to cross-pollinate and create new species in our community of digital growers. The app is available for iOS and Android – and it’s free.

PoliNations was part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival.

Where and when

PoliNations took place in Birmingham’s Victoria Square in September 2022.