Our Environment

Why do we need nature in our cities, towns and schools?

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Sustainability and our future Wellbeing and resilience


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30 minutes

This lesson plan for pupils aged 7–11 explores our environment and considers what nature needs to thrive. The lesson begins by discussing how nature makes a difference to our lives, from the way in which trees, grass and plants prevent flooding to the benefits of wildflowers in urban environments. Pupils can then make a ‘wildflower seed bomb’ to help diversify gardens and green spaces.

This is one of three lesson plans inspired by the themes of PoliNations: biodiversity, diversity and our environment. Each plan contains information about the given theme, discussion questions and a creative activity. The free downloadable 34-page PDF contains all three lessons, which can be delivered individually or as a group – on the PDF, refer to the introduction on pages 1–8 and the Our Environment lesson plan on pages 23–26.

Lesson plan

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