Me & My Wellbeing: What Do I Value?

What’s important to me – and how can it improve my wellbeing?

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Wellbeing and resilience Identity and diversity


Lesson plan


60 minutes

This activity-based lesson plan encourages pupils aged 7–11 to explore their own needs and values, and to consider how their self-esteem and wellbeing can be affected by the importance they place on their ideas and the things that matter to them.

Working in groups, pupils will discuss and rank lists of things, concepts and values in what they consider to be their order of importance. They will then reflect on the decisions they made, and how placing value on things will improve their wellbeing, the wellbeing of others and their sense of self.

What Do I Value? is part of Me & My Wellbeing, a set of five 60-minute learning resources for pupils aged 5–11 that explore key personal development themes. Developed for Dreamachine by A New Direction, this nine-page PDF lesson plan includes plenty of prompts for discussions, plus links and resources for further learning.

Lesson plan

Curriculum links

Personal, Social & Health Education: Health and Wellbeing
Key Stage: KS2

Northern Ireland:
Personal Development and Mutual Understanding
Key Stages: KS1, KS2

Health and Wellbeing
Social Studies
Levels: First Level, Second Level


Health and Wellbeing, Humanities, Expressive Arts
Progression Steps: PS2, PS3