Make a Rain Gauge

How can we measure the weather?

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Sustainability and our future Wellbeing and resilience


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60 minutes

In this simple and fun hands-on activity, pupils aged 7–11 will make their own gauge to measure the rainfall at their school or home – and then check it every day or week to see how much rain has fallen. As part of the activity, pupils will also discover why recording weather data makes it easier to forecast our weather in the future.

To create your weather gauge, you’ll need a few easy-to-source items: an empty plastic bottle, a few cubes of jelly, a ruler, scissors, sticky tape, paper and a pencil.

The activity is inspired by SEE MONSTER, a major public art installation designed to encourage conversations about our sustainable future. An alternative version of the activity is available for pupils aged 11–14 – you can access the guide here.

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Science: Working scientifically, Evaporation, Condensation, Water cycle, Materials changing state

Key Stage: Key Stage: KS2

Northern Ireland:

Science: Changes of state in the water cycle.

Key Stage: Key Stage: KS2


Science: How water changes state, water cycle

Level: First Level, Second Level



Enquiry, exploration and investigation

Our natural world is diverse and dynamic

Informed, self-aware citizens

Progression Step: PS2, PS3