Have a Grow

Plant, cultivate and eat several common UK vegetables, herbs and flowers

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Sustainability and our future Wellbeing and resilience


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60 minutes

This activity will help you and your pupils to grow six different types of vegetables, flowers and herbs – many of which can be eaten.

The free downloadable PDF begins by introducing some key terms and phrases, then offers growing guidance for six plants that can be easily grown in the UK: beetroot, chives, kohlrabi, lemon balm, lettuce and sunflowers. Seeds for all these plants are widely available from garden centres, and the activity guide also explains what other equipment you’ll need to get growing.

This activity is inspired by Dandelion, a creative celebration of growing, music and community taking place this year.

Activity guide

Curriculum links

Science: Y3 Plants
PSHE: Living in the Wider World
Key Stages: KS2

Northern Ireland:
The World Around Us: Science & Technology, Interdependence
Key Stages: KS1, KS2

Sciences: Planet Earth
Health & Wellbeing
Levels: First Level, Second Level

Science: The world around us
Progression Steps: PS3