Evolutionary Biology with Dr Ellen Coombs

What is evolution?

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60 minutes

How have whales, dolphins and porpoises changed and evolved through time? Watch as evolution specialist Dr Ellen Coombs talks about how she spends an average working day at the Natural History Museum in London, then explains some of the basic facts about evolution.

Suitable for pupils aged 4–11, the accompanying one-page lesson plan includes video discussion prompts and group activities: making ‘fossils’ from pasta shapes or play dough, or using Scratch to code a sprite to tell us about how whales have evolved.

Lesson plan

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Curriculum links

Science: Working Scientifically, Rocks (Y3), Living Things & Their Habitats (Y4–5)
Key Stages: EYFS, KS1, KS2

Northern Ireland:
The World Around Us: Interdependence, Place
Key Stages: Foundation, KS1, KS2

Sciences: Materials, Planet Earth
Levels: Early Level, First Level, Second Level

Science & Technology: Being Curious, The World Around Us, Matter
Progression Steps: PS1, PS2, PS3