How could we celebrate our differences?

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Identity and diversity Wellbeing and resilience


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30 minutes

This lesson plan for pupils aged 7–11 explores the nature of diversity and multiculturalism in the UK.

The lesson introduces some of the ways in which the UK population has come to be made up of people with roots from all over the world – bringing with them new plants, new food, new religions, new types of music, new art and new ideas. Pupils are then encouraged to create their own ‘PoliNations portrait’, highlighting the things that make each of them unique.

This is one of three lesson plans inspired by the themes of PoliNations: biodiversity, diversity and our environment. Each plan contains information about the given theme, discussion questions and a creative activity. The free downloadable 34-page PDF contains all three lessons, which can be delivered individually or as a group – on the PDF, refer to the introduction on pages 1–8 and the Diversity lesson plan on pages 17–22.

Lesson plan

Curriculum links

Art and Design
Personal, Social & Health Education: Living in the wider world
Key Stage: KS2

Northern Ireland:
The World Around Us
Personal Development & Mutual Understanding
Key Stage: KS2

Expressive Arts: Art & Design
Health & Wellbeing
Level: First Level, Second Level

Progression Step: PS3