Spring - autumn 2022

Anything grows in this Scotland-wide celebration of food, music and sharing – reimagining harvest for the 21st century.

An open invitation to cultivate, create and share – everything from ideas to stories, music to homegrown veg

A creative celebration of growing, music and community – rooted in Scotland and with sustainability at its heart

Anything grows

Dandelion is a six-month programme celebrating sustainability, creativity and community. It’s rooted in an invitation to Sow, Grow and Share – not just food but ideas, knowledge, music and much more.

Dandelion follows the arc of the growing season, from springtime planting to September’s harvest celebrations. Its anchor is the largest national grow-your-own initiative of modern times – an encouragement to everyone to come together and grow.

From car parks to canalboats, 13 Unexpected Gardens show how the most unlikely places can blossom and bloom. Dandelion’s beautiful Cubes of Perpetual Light combine artwork, laboratory and vertical farm, fostering new plant life under special LEDs. And thousands of plant giveaways have brought free plant plugs to people across Scotland to grow at home.

More than 589,000 people have taken part in Dandelion during 2022, from the Borders to the cities and the Highlands to the islands – including more than 89,000 pupils at 468 schools, who took part in the nationwide Schools Growing Initiative. Following two major free festivals in Glasgow and Inverness, Dandelion ended with more than 500 harvest celebrations across the nation. Here’s to sowing, growing and sharing – for the seasons and years to come.

Dandelion is commissioned by EventScotland and funded via the Scottish Government.

Where and when

Dandelion’s Scotland-wide programme ran from April to September 2022, and included major free festivals in Glasgow and Inverness; Unexpected Gardens in Alness, Argyll, Caithness, Dundee, Edinburgh, Forres, Glasgow, Greenock, Hawick, Leven, Stranraer and Uist, plus a Floating Garden on the Scottish canals network; a growing Cubes on Bikes Tour; a Schools Growing Initiative in 468 schools; and a nationwide celebration of Harvest.