Create a PoliNations flower unique to you

and plant a virtual super garden

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PoliNations forest garden is coming alive in the heart of Birmingham

An epic array of colour and nature, this wonderland uncovers the origin stories of the plants we know so well – daisies, pansies, apple trees, roses – in fact these, and most of the plants we see in our gardens are not from the UK. They tell the story of journeys, movement, dispersal, and new roots.

So how cool would it be if you could create a plant that truly reflected you and your feelings? 

Well, you can do just that with the PoliNations app. 

By answering 12 questions about yourself, this clever app captures your perceptions of self and reimagines them as digital seeds.  Once planted the seed reveals your flowers which you can plant anywhere in the world thanks to the wonders of virtual reality.  From the colour of your flower to the way it moves, your flower is unique to you. Share and compare with your friends and family to see what their flowers look like.

You can mix your flowers with others to crosspollinate and create new flowers to create your very own virtual super garden.

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To be part of a new community of digital growers taking part in this unique immersive experience.

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