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13 October - 5 November - Online

Empowering pupils to understand our climate and imagine a greener future has never been more vital. That’s why we’re inviting teachers and other educators to take children on a learning journey like no other: All Aboard SEE MONSTER.

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SEE MONSTER: a rig used to extract fossil fuel now showcases renewable energy

What is All Aboard SEE MONSTER?

All Aboard SEE MONSTER is a free video assembly and learning pack for primary schools across the UK, created by UNBOXED.

Who is it for?

All Aboard SEE MONSTER has been designed for children aged 7-11, but it’s also suitable for younger and older children. It can be used as a whole-school assembly, as a lesson or for education outside the school setting.


SEE MONSTER is a retired rig from the North Sea that was brought, on a barge, around the UK coast this summer to its new home in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset. In an incredible feat of engineering, it was craned onto the beach front and has been transformed into one of the UK’s largest public art installations.

Once a platform for extracting fossil fuel, SEE MONSTER is now a beautiful, green, energy-generating art installation, garden and waterfall.

What is the learning opportunity?

SEE MONSTER has become a platform for conversations about reuse, renewables and the great British weather.

By virtually scaling the mighty SEE MONSTER, pupils encounter a real-life example of regeneration in action. They meet the scientists, artists and engineers who created SEE MONSTER, learn how they did it and why.

The learning is linked to the national curricular in each of the four nations of the UK.

See the curriculum links

Tayshan Hayden-Smith, presenting the All Aboard SEE MONSTER video

What is in the learning pack?

Schools who sign up for All Aboard SEE MONSTER will receive:

  • A link to a video, approximately 15 minutes long, in which students are taken on a guided tour of SEE MONSTER, meeting the people who created it.
  • A ‘Build your own SEE MONSTER’ pack, to be used in the assembly or lesson, which will be sent in the post to the school
  • A link to a 360-degree virtual tour of SEE MONSTER with learning points and a quiz that students can use in self-directed learning or in class after the assemly
  • Links to extension studies on subjects like becoming a weather presenter, making a rain gauge and careers in STEM
  • Curriculum links relating to the learning opportunities

In addition, the first 100 schools to sign up to All Aboard and use it with their students, will receive a box of books, suitable for primary schools, chosen by the SEE MONSTER team, on the theme of climate and sustainability. (Terms & conditions apply)

When can I use All Aboard SEE MONSTER?

Schools across the UK will be using the video assembly on Thursday 13 October.

We invite your school to join with other schools and hold an assembly, or take a lesson, on that day.  However, you can use the video at any time once you have received the link.

How do I get the All Aboard SEE MONSTER learning pack?

Sign up and we will send the links and further information directly to your inbox.

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