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About us
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About Us

About Us is a spectacular live show and multimedia installation celebrating our connections to everything around us – across 13.8 billion years of history.

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Anything grows in Dandelion – a harvest festival for the 21st century. Taking place across Scotland, it’s the largest grow-your-own programme of modern times.

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Dreamachine is an immersive journey into light, sound, colour and imagination. Close your eyes and explore the limitless potential of the human mind.

Galwad 2022-2052
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GALWAD: A story from our future is a multiplatform, multilingual story set in a possible future world of 2052 – on TV, on digital and on location across Wales.

Green Space Dark Skies
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Green Space, Dark Skies

Green Space Dark Skies is an exploration of our natural world. We’re inviting thousands of people to experience beautiful landscapes at dusk in a UK-wide celebration of the great outdoors.

Space illustration
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Our Place In Space

Our Place in Space is an astonishing journey through our solar system – an epic 10km sculpture trail exploring what it means to live life on Earth.

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PoliNations is a magical city-centre forestland – a supernatural celebration of colour, beauty and natural diversity that ends with a spectacular party.

See Monster logo
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See Monster

SEE MONSTER is an extraordinary act of collective creativity – a decommissioned North Sea offshore platform regenerated as a major new installation in Somerset.

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StoryTrails is a deep dive into our collective history – a magical AR and VR immersion in the hidden histories that have shaped 15 UK towns and cities.

Tour De Moon
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Tour de Moon

Tour de Moon is a cosmic journey into the possibilities of tomorrow: live shows, nightlife, digital experiences and more created in collaboration with the Moon.