UNBOXED: The Journey So Far

A new independent report highlights the impact of our year of creativity

Publication date
Collage of images from the ten UNBOXED projects
A note from the Chair of our Board

Today sees the publication of a new report into UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK.

UNBOXED: The Journey So Far has been drawn together by arts consultant Graham Devlin on behalf of the UNBOXED Board.

The report examines every aspect of UNBOXED – from inception to its impact on an audience of over 18 million across the UK and beyond from March to November 2022 – and acts as a guide to understand the scale and impact of this large and complex undertaking.

It provides a snapshot of the groundbreaking programme, which has delivered live events to 107 towns, cities and villages across the four nations, seen 1.7 million children, young people and families take part in learning and participation activities and supported over 6,000 jobs and paid development opportunities across science, engineering, technology and the arts. 13.5 million people have enjoyed programming specifically created for TV and online – a number that keeps growing, as broadcast content, learning resources and digital experiences continue to be available online.

The publication summarises UNBOXED’s purpose as a celebration of creativity, with 10 new projects developed and presented across the UK and online; and its context, set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. It explores our pioneering commissioning model, which saw the 10 teams selected from 299 original submissions. Finally, it details some of the key benefits that the programme has brought, from increasing social cohesion and contributing to people’s wellbeing to showcasing innovative uses of technology and supporting pioneering partnerships across sectors and international collaborations.

An independent final evaluation by KPMG will be published in Spring 2023.

Dame Vikki Heywood DBE, Chair, UNBOXED Board

View the report "UNBOXED: The Journey So Far" (PDF)