StoryTrails in Omagh

Residents invited to see Omagh differently as free, ground-breaking UK-wide series of storytelling events launch


Download full 'StoryTrails in Omagh' press release (PDF)

StoryTrails, the UK’s largest immersive storytelling experience, invites Omagh residents and visitors to explore untold stories of the town through ground-breaking multimedia technologies from 1 July.

StoryTrails, part of Creativity UNBOXED begins with a free two-day live event taking place on 1 and 2 July in Omagh, before visiting a further 14 locations around the UK. Centred around Omagh Library and on the streets of Omagh itself, it features digital experiences which will allow people to experience the town in a completely new way through the magic of augmented and virtual reality.

An augmented reality trail, specific to Omagh and accessed through mobile devices, takes as its starting point the question ‘should I stay or should I go?’. It explores reasons that people have left the town through 6 decades of Omagh’s history, using local and national archives, from cine film and video home movie collections to those of the BBC and British Film Institute, sharing local stories from the past and present in a completely new way.

The result is an insight into the changing fortunes of Omagh and its population told by ordinary people, from the closure of the railway to lack of employment opportunities. Locals Kathy Dunphy and James McAnespie, from the present day, enthusiastically share their optimism for the future of the town. The trail is narrated by well-known Northern Irish genealogist and tour guide, Vincent Brogan, and is available to download throughout 2022. Each town or city on the 15-stop tour will feature an augmented reality trail specific to that location.